2nd World Biotechnology & Health Care Congress

12-Nov-2018 to 14-Nov-2018
Dubai, UAE


Indian Society of Genetics, Biotechnology Research and Development
The Indian Society of Genetics, Bio-Technology Research & Development the most prestigious registered society of practicing Geneticists, Bio-Technologist, Molecular Biologist & Plant Breeders
Indian Research Journal of Genetics and Biotechnology
The Indian Research Journal Of Genetics and Biotechnology is a periodical for the publication of records of original research in all branches of Botany, Genetics, Biotechnology,Molecular Biology, Cytology and Plant Breeding, Including Human Genetics
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Bentham Science
Bentham Science Publishers is a company that Publishes scientific, technical, and medical journals and e-books. It publishes more than hundred subscription-based academic journals and over sixty open access journals.
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