International Conference on Pediatrics & Neonatal Nursing

01-Apr-2019 to 03-Apr-2019
Birmingham, UK


Birmingham is a major city in England’s West Midlands region, with multiple Industrial Revolution-era landmarks.  It was known as the ‘Workshop of the World’ and ‘City of a 1000 Trades’ during the Victorian period. The locals call it Brum and the city is currently enjoying a modernized resurgence as one of the greatest cultural and shopping destinations in Europe. The city centre’s architecture is pretty interesting even though most of it is obscured by crowds of people and shops. Art galleries and museums make a significant aspect of Birmingham attractions.

Birmingham is home to multiple universities. Birmingham has 32,690 research students, also the highest number of any major city outside London. There are several major National Health Service hospitals in Birmingham. The presence of universities, hospitals, labs and other professional services, together with key installations of the UK make it favourite destination for scientific meetings.

 The Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery is a large museum with a rich local history as well as both permanent and temporary collections and exhibitions. The Cadbury World is offered by the popular Cadbury chocolate factory that is located in the city center. There are several green spaces and small parks located all over Birmingham City and its suburbs. The Birmingham Botanical Gardens and Glasshouses is a large botanical garden at the heart of the city and offers workshops as well. Others include the National Sea Life Centre, Sutton Park, RSPB Sandwell Valley and Woodgate Valley Country Park. Religious buildings are also major attractions in Birmingham and reflect the diversity of the local population. Notable ones include the Birmingham Buddhist Centre, Birmingham Cathedra or St Philip’s Cathedral, Birmingham Central Mosque, Jamia Masjid Sparkbrook and the Birmingham Central Synagogue.

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